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Limited English Proficient (LEP) Maps

Language Map App

The Civil Rights Division’s Language Map App is an interactive mapping tool that helps users find out the concentration of and languages spoken by LEP individuals in a community.  Click on your state or county to identify the number or percentage of LEP persons, download language data, or visually display LEP maps for presentations.  We encourage users to test the features of the Language Map App and provide feedback to help us improve functionality.

Additional LEP Maps

National Map by Total LEP in Each County

To view a map, choose the appropriate geographic area and select "Get Map". For an accessible description of a map, choose the appropriate geographic area and select "Get Description of Map"

Note: These maps are for informational purposes only. Although demographic language data may be useful in considering how language assistance is provided in a particular contact or setting, federal and recipient agencies are required to provide meaningful access to all LEP individuals in delivering services. Federal agencies are required to comply with Executive Order 13166. Recipients of federal financial assistance must comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its implementing regulations and should consult the guidance issued by their funding agencies. For further information, please see or contact

Map Source and Methodology

National Limited English Proficient (LEP) Population Maps

Select a dataset for the map

Mapping LEP Populations in Your Community

This tool helps users access maps of the limited English proficient (LEP) population in any given judicial district, county, or state. Maps were created using 5-year U.S. Census American Community Survey data.

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National Spanish Language Maps/Mapas Nacionales del idioma Español

In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, two national maps are available.
En reconocimiento del mes de la herencia hispana nacional, están disponibles dos mapas nacionales.
Select a dataset for the map/Seleccione un conjunto de datos para el mapa

Asian and Pacific Islander National Language Maps

In recognition of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, two national maps are available.
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Other Federal Language Mapping Tools

Language Mapper, U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey

Atlas of Rural and Small Town America, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (Data available on percent of non-English speaking households of total households)

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