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Labor and Employment


U.S. Department of Labor 

U.S. Department of Labor Agreement with Hawaii to Improve Language Access to Unemployment Insurance - September 21, 2021

U.S. Departments of Justice and Labor and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Reach Agreement to Improve Access for Limited English Proficient Workers

U.S. Department of Labor Materials

Other Resources

Procedural Rules for Workers' Compensation Hearings, Rule 21, Interpreters, Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, Office of Administrative Courts 

Improving Workplace Opportunities For Limited English-Speaking Workers, National Association of Manufacturers - April, 2006

Employment-related Brochures and Posters in Non-English Languages, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Fact Sheets and Self-Help Tools, Available in Spanish and Chinese, Legal Aid Society, Employment Law Center

English Proficiency: What Employers Need for their Spanish Speaking Workforce, United States-Mexico Cultural and Educational Foundation and Harrison Maldonado Associates, Inc. - June, 2005

Survival Literacy Training for Non-Native-English-Speaking Workers, American Institutes for Research - October, 2010

Focus on Civil Rights of Limited English Speakers, National Employment Law Project - November, 2003

Unemployment Insurance Information, Written and Audio, in 17 Non-English Languages, Washington State Employment Security Department