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Federal District Court denies Defendant Philadelphia School District's Motion to Dismiss in IDEA, EEOA, and Title VI Language Access Lawsuit Where DOJ Filed a Statement of Interest - November 30, 2016 (U.S. Department of Justice and Education's Statement of Interest - January 25, 2016)

Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest in Title VI & EEOA Case Alleging National Origin Discrimination by Collier County, Florida School District- September 26, 2016

Department of Education and Department of Justice Issue Joint Guidance on the Obligations of State Educational Agencies and School Districts to Serve English Language Learners, Pursuant to Title VI and the Equal Educational Opportunities Act - January 7, 2015 (en Español)

U.S. Department of Education Announces Resolution of Hazleton, Pa., Area School District Civil Rights Investigation

Justice Department Reaches Settlement with School District of Palm Beach County, Florida. The agreement includes "translation and interpretation services throughout the registration" and "disciplinary process" for ELL students and parents who are LEP- February 26, 2013 (Agreement) (Press Release)