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2013 Louisiana Mapping LEP Populations in Your Community - Percentage by Judicial District

State or Territory
Text Version
Description of LA judicial district LEP Maps

LA %LEP Map (Description)

This map illustrates the three judicial districts of Louisiana:

  • Louisiana Eastern District-Pale Orange Shading
  • Louisiana Middle District-Light Yellow Shading
  • Louisiana Western District-Light Yellow Shading

Each district is color shaded to indicate the percent of limited English proficient (LEP) persons in the district.  We have defined LEP persons as individuals 5 years and over who speak a language other than English at home and who have indicated that they speak English less than very well (LVW).  For each judicial district, we have also provided a pie chart that breaks down the top 5 languages spoken in the district (as a percentage of the total number of LEP individuals in the area) with the remaining languages in a 6th category called “All Other Languages”.


The colors correspond to percentage of LEP individuals in the district as follows:

  • Pale White: (<=1%)
  • Light Yellow: (>1% AND <=3%)
  • Pale Orange: (>3% AND <=5%)
  • Orange: (>5% AND <=10%)
  • Dark Orange: (>10% AND <=15%)
  • Brown: (>15% AND <=25%)
  • Dark Brown: (>25%)