The grid below can be navigated using TAB and Arrow Keys. Additionally, the column headers are sortable. The default sorting behavior is by FIPS Code - Ascending. All Columns can be sorted by navigating to the column and pressing the Enter Key or Space Bar. The default sorting direction is ascending when sorting is first enabled on a column. Pressing the Enter Key or Space Bar on the column for second time will change the sort direction to descending. The column show and hide dialog can be activated by tabbing to the "unlabeled 0 button", the last button on the page, and pressing Enter. Columns can be hidden or shown within the dialog by selecting and deselecting the checkboxes for each column. Pressing the Escape Key will hide the column show and hide dialog. The "Rank" field value is based on the type of data display (Percent or Raw Number). The percent ranges in the "Rank" field are based on the Ratio of Total LEP Population to Total Population. All other percent fields are based on the Ratio of the specific LEP subgroup to the Total LEP Population.